The colour doesn't exactly match the photo shown on the website, why?

116 views  March 15, 2014
Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the exact colours shown on our website. We use photos supplied by manufacturers, ones taken ourselves and also ones supplied by customers to try to show as much as possible however there are still factors out of our control. Pictures of paving can only show the colour captured on that specific time. If the photo was taken on a light sunny day or equally if the weather was damp and dull, these can all have effects on the colour shown in the picture. Natural stone is particularly difficult to display the colours, due to its nature the colours can vary quite a lot. As the stone is quarried you will be taking stones from all over the quarry going through different veins of the stone finding new shades all the time. No natural paving stone will be the same. Concrete paving slabs tend to be more uniform in colour but can vary very slightly from batch to batch.