What is the difference between calibrated paving and un-calibrated paving?

115 views  March 15, 2014
Paving is generally calibrated to make it easier to lay as all the slabs are the same thickness. The calibration process shaves a layer of stone off the bottom of the slabs making them thinner than uncalibrated stone. We have landscapers that favour both types. Some prefer thicker, uncalibrated stone as they worry that thinner stone is inferior to thick slabs. Whereas other landscapers prefer calibrated slabs as they can lay them faster. Calibrated paving is defined as an even thickness within the manufacturers' tolerances. Typically this is plus or minus 2mm the stated thickness. If the paving is calibrated then it tends to be easier and faster to lay. The main reasons being the slabs are lighter and the bedding can be made to a level thickness, therefore, reducing the need to move the bedding to make the slabs fit level.